Grand Slam Mic


Cutting-edge research
in 3 minutes.

What is Grad Slam?

Grad Slam is an annual event that spotlights the amazing research being done by graduate students at UC Santa Barbara.

Graduate students present their research in 3-minute talks that are evaluated for accessibility, organization, delivery, and engagement.

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2022 Grad Slam Finalists

2022 Grad Slam winners, left to right: Geoff Meyerhof (Champion), Skyler Palatnick (People's Choice), Sophia Bailey (Runner Up), Alyssa Lawson (Runner Up)

Meet our 2024 Champion

Kacie Ring, a doctoral student in the UCSB Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology department, took home the top prize for her talk titled "Healthy Forest, Healthy Humans."

Other Final Round winners included runner-up Royce Olarte (Education), runner-up Nākoa Farrant (Environmental Science & Management), and People's Choice winner Daniella Walter (Mechanical Engineering).

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A milestone anniversary

In 2023, Grad Slam celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a revamp to showcase more disciplinary diversity, a renewed focus on professional development, and a simplified scoring system.

Grad Slam Turns 10

Grad Slam through the years

Curious to know how Grad Slam has grown and evolved? Want to learn more about our past participants? Be sure to check out the Past Competitions section.

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